Debt spiral – what to do?

There was an elderly woman with me today. She came to ask for a non-bank loan. Because I have loans from various companies in my offer, I asked what interests her. And she says that she no longer sleeps at night, she is frightened because she no longer knows what to do.

She is in debt with banks

At present, he will not get any credit, not because of age (over 72) /, but due to exceeding the monthly income load allowed by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. With a net income of USD 1,400, the upper limit of debt is 50%. And she has this ceiling significantly exceeded.

But when I continued talking to her, I was terrified, because it turned out that she was indebted in most loan companies operating on the market. Optima ? no, I have a loan here, Ferratum? – I don’t have a loan here either.
Ned heat? it won’t give me because it’s the same as Ferratum. AASA ? I also pay back the loan here. So maybe TAKTO ?
Unfortunately, I also pay back here.

And what else are you paying back?

I didn’t want to ask anymore, because of all this I had a terrible nightmare. How to live, what to buy food from, if you are a widow and your monthly payments almost double your income. However, Poles do completely impossible things. Of course I said I can’t do anything. Not because I have no conscience and do not want to help, but because everything that could be done was done by others.

And now the question is how to get out of this debt. And I can’t find the answer myself. I wonder if this elderly lady told someone from her family or friends about her situation. Maybe there is someone among this group who will help. Or he will carry the consequences of his irresponsible actions for the rest of his life.

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