Unsecured Loan 500 – 3000 USD

Sure Money is a Finnish finance company established in 2012. The company currently operates not only in Finland but also in Sweden and Denmark.

Loan does not require collateral


They provide different types of funding to individuals and companies alike. They currently provide loans of between USD 500 and USD 3000 to individuals. The loan does not require collateral or guarantors.

Easily compete with Sure Money and 30 other lenders with one application at our Good Finance. It costs nothing, and you will not be forced to take out a loan if you receive any offers.

You can take a moment to look at the offers you have and then decide whether or not to take out a loan.

Sure Money Key Information:


  • Loan without collateral 500 – 3000 USDos
  • Domestic and reliable financial service
  • The loan age limit is 22 years
  • You can choose from 1 to 3 years as the payment period
  • Fill out the application, you will know about the loan decision almost immediately
  • You can use your loans exactly as you wish
  • Our service is completely free and risk-free
  • Once signed, the loan will be readily available to you
  • Example Calculation: For a $ 2,000 loan, the effective interest rate is 29.6% per annum, if the customer repays the loan for 12 months in monthly installments of $ 191.25. Account management fee 6,08 USD / month. The repayable amount is USD 2295.00 and the total cost of the credit is USD 295.00.

Who is the Sure Money Loan for?


Sure Money always makes a separate loan decision for each applicant based on the information provided by the applicant. However, in order for them to accept your application, you must meet at least the following requirements:

  • You are 22 years old
  • You have no payment default entries
  • You live permanently in Finland
  • You have a steady and regular income
  • You have sufficient repayment ability and not too much previous debt

Even if you do not fully meet the requirements above or need a larger loan, it is still a good idea to apply at our service. Because we pass your application on to up to 30 lenders who have their own requirements for applicants and grant different loan amounts.

By applying at our service, you are sure to find a loan provider that suits your needs.

Borrow for any purpose


When applying for a loan through us, you do not need to give precise explanations as to what you intend to use your loan for. You can apply for a loan and once you have it, you can use it exactly as you wish.

All loans applied for through us are unsecured and require no guarantors. This ensures fast processing of applications, allowing the applicant to get a loan decision quickly without unnecessary waiting.

An unsecured loan is suitable for a quick loan need when sudden expenses suddenly occur. They can also finance longer-term dreams, such as home renovations, buying a new car or even a vacation.

You may not be forced to save for years, but you can finance the purchase with loan money, which you then flexibly repay on a monthly basis.

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